The Rule of Law

Reprinted from Bryan Caplan’s Bet On It A blog post by Bryan Caplan begins: I’ve long been puzzled by libertarian reverence for ‘the rule

Inflation and Relative Prices

This article was originally published in the Economic Forces newsletter. I want to follow-up on my previous post on inflation by tying together

Why Studying Economics Requires Curiosity

Recently, I argued that studying economics instills gratitude. A friend responded by asking me what intellectual virtues are necessary for understanding economics. Gratitude

Rule, Britannia?

Reprinted from Law & Liberty There isn’t a nation on earth that doesn’t experience tensions with its neighbors, even friendly ones. That may

Make America Free Again (MAFA)

“Sientese, por favor,” I said to somebody’s ancient abuela standing at the fringes of an impromptu post-fireworks boardwalk pizza party. She glanced longingly